My most favorite actresses

my list from imdb
Their performances impress me so much.Each actress’s pic is followed by a comment expressing my feeling about her.
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Image of Natalie Portman
“ I love her.I admire her.My smart pretty talented star! ” – tieuviha
Image of Drew Barrymore

2.Drew Barrymore

Actress, Scream
“ she is sweet like a candy :X when I look at her face,I wanna smile 🙂 ” – tieuviha

Image of Anne Hathaway
“ I must say:STRICKINGLY BEAUTIFUL ” – tieuviha
Image of Amy Adams

4.Amy Adams

Actress, Enchanted
“ I love watching her on the screen because of her pure beauty and emotional performance.Besides,I love her voice.It’s so sweet ” – tieuviha
Image of Scarlett Johansson
“ She owns unique beauty.Very special! ” – tieuviha
Image of Keira Knightley
“ I think she slightly looks like Natalie Portman,right?Both of them have deep eyes and intelligent face.I think Keira is perfect for starring Elizabeth Bennet,my favorite character ” – tieuviha
Image of Meryl Streep
“ I love her for her impressive starring turn in Mama Mia and Julie&Julia ” – tieuviha
Image of Jodie Foster
“ No need to say more.Everyone knows her talent ” – tieuviha
Image of Abigail Breslin
“ She is kute and very smart.She can portray any kinds of role very well.I think she has a gift and she’s a promising actress ” – tieuviha
Image of Dakota Fanning
“ She’s just like an angel.How pure her eyes are!I’ve loved her since I saw her the 1st time in the movie Charllote’sweb.She’s truly a young talent ” – tieuviha
Image of Meg Ryan
“ She’s a great actress.She looks simple but her natural beauty is so attractive ” – tieuviha
Image of Julia Roberts

12.Julia Roberts

Actress, Closer
“ Oh a “pretty woman”!Deffinitely!Her smile is so charming ” – tieuviha
Image of Kate Winslet

13.Kate Winslet

Actress, Titanic
“ She has a classical style.I love her performance as Hanna Schmitz in film The reader.I read the novel already and when I saw Kate in the movie,I feel that the character seems to step out from the book;so I think Kate deserves the Oscar for her great performance. ” – tieuviha
Image of Jessica Alba

14.Jessica Alba

Actress, Sin City
“ She owns mysterious beauty.She’s perfect for Dark’s angel ” – tieuviha
Image of Emma Watson
“ Her face perfectly expresses her intelligence.Hermione character seems to be made for her ” – tieuviha

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